Unscrewed Theater UNCENSORED House Party!


Doors open: 9:00 pm

You can now watch our show two ways!  Live & in person from your seat in our theater, or from the comfort on your own home. Your choice! Either ticket is available below. Enjoy the show!

Unscrewed Theater House Party

Stuck inside? Get together with us online and have a laugh or twelve. Join with improvisers from Unscrewed Theater as they create characters, games, scenes, and songs based on your suggestions.

Put the kids to bed and join us with the filters OFF for this UNCENSORED show.

We’re putting on improv shows every week while the theater’s closed so we can share a few laughs and enjoy gathering – safely – with our friends and fans. Just like our live shows, every show is different, so tune in each week for more laughs!

Please note, content of this show not appropriate for those under 17.

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