ImprovBlox/Bloxshop Survey

ImprovBlox Interest
Have you completed a beginning improv class at Unscrewed Theater (Improv Basics or Improv 101)?
Are you interested in taking more classes or workshops?
Have you taken an ImprovBlox class at Unscrewed Theater (or Improv 201/301)?
Have you taken improv classes elsewhere?
Below are a list of topics and themes for improv classes or workshops. How interested would you be in each?
Not Interested/Not Applicable
Not really interested
Somewhat Interested
Very Interested
Would Definitely Enroll
Genre Improv (such as improvised Sci-Fi, Shakespeare, Film Noir, etc.)
Advanced Improv Fundamentals (concentrating on one topic from Improv Basics, such as Emotions, Spacework, Relationships, or Characters)
Short Form Games (such as those performed by Not Burnt Out Just Unscrewed)
Musical Improv
Longform Improv Forms (such as La Ronde, Armando, Commando, Living Room, Pretty Flower, etc.)
Improv for Gamers/Cosplayers
Improv for My Life (applying improv to your life off the stage)
Improv for Professionals (applying improv in the workplace)
BIPOC-centered Improv
LGBTQ+-centered Improv
Women/Femme/Non-Binary-centered Improv
Online Improv (improv on Zoom)
Audio-only Improv (improv on Zoom, but without cameras)
Slower-paced Improv (for TBI/neuro-divergent players)
Creating an Improv Troupe/House Team
Ideal days/times for classes for me: