The Backyard

Uncensored - Age 17 and up

Doors open: 8:45 pm

You can now watch our show two ways!  Live & in person from your seat in our theater, or from the comfort on your own home. Your choice! Either ticket is available below. Enjoy the show!

The Backyard

Follow this link to watch the show on Zoom:

​Swingsets and sandboxes, slides and see-saws.

The Backyard is the place to see new performers, new teams, and people who really love what they do. The folks you see on stage will be trying out their improv skill sets and practicing together. Support budding comedians in a show that’s pay-what-you-will.

If you want a chance to get on stage, drop your name in the fishbowl to get paired randomly with another player! Sparks could fly, you never know…

Donate on Venmo

Click to Pay What You Will by sending a donation on Venmo (put Backyard in the “What’s it for?” field).

If needed for confirmation, the last four digits of the Venmo account phone number: 7035.


Do you have an improv team? Want to start one? Want to play in our Backyard?