Guideposts of Good Scene Work – Rich Baker Workshop

Sunday, May 17, 2020

There are no guarantees in improv, but there are guideposts you can use to radically increase your odds of making a great scene. Based on his highly practical book, “Improv Made Easier,” this Rich Baker workshop will teach you game-changing lessons to avoid common pitfalls and significantly up-level your scene work skills.

Workshop times are MST (Arizona).

A writer for Epic Rap Battles of History and author of the book Improv Made Easier, Rich Baker has performed with The Second City, ComedySportz Chicago, Mission Improvable, and the festival-headlining duo Rollin’ In Riches. A faculty member of The Second City since 2009 and freelance instructor, Rich has taught thousands of improvisers and performers across the country. You can find his copious amount of content @richbakercoaching on Facebook and