Rabbit Hood


Doors open: 12:30 pm

You can now watch our show two ways!  Live & in person from your seat in our theater, or from the comfort on your own home. Your choice! Either ticket is available below. Enjoy the show!

Face masks (surgical-grade or better) are strongly recommended.

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Rabbit Hood

Interactive Holiday Theater presented by Active Imagination Theatre and Unscrewed Theater

When the price of eggs go up, mean Farmer Brown decides not to give any eggs to the Easter Bunny to decorate and hide for the children. With the help of Friar Duck, the bunny steals the eggs and turns into Rabbit Hood. Farmer Brown hires three bounty-hunter chickens to capture the lawless rabbit and bring him to justice, but the Easter Egg hunt must go on!

Children and adults are encouraged to participate onstage and from their seats in this improvisational holiday children’s play.