Mind Reading for Improvisors – Shannon Stott Workshop

Sunday, August 16, 2020

How to attune to your own, your partner’s, and your audience’s wants.

Do you know what your scene partner is thinking or feeling? What about your audience? This workshop blends improv and mind-reading techniques to give you a unique perspective into the wants of your scene partners and audience members. These tools will help you support and connect quickly and deeply with your partner in scenes. You will practice attuning to yourself in order to be more precise with your offers and create engaging scenes for your audiences.

About Shannon Stott

Shannon Stott is an improvisor based in Austin, TX. She has been performing and teaching Improv and its benefits to theater students and corporate clients since 2001. Shannon utilizes improv as a tool to change lives both on and off the stage, encouraging her students to carry these tools out of their theaters and into their workplaces and homes.