A Weenie Halloween


Doors open: 12:30 pm

You can now watch our show two ways!  Live & in person from your seat in our theater, or from the comfort on your own home. Your choice! Either ticket is available below. Enjoy the show!

In the Kingdom of Niceness, Fairy Princess Sweetie Poo has outlawed Halloween because it’s scary, and she only likes pretty things and white dresses. Her bewitched subjects don’t remember Halloween or candy, but one little girl remembers that she had a black cat who was banished from the kingdom along with all things black or scary.

When our heroine goes on a quest to find her beloved kitty, she faces adventure and rediscovers the fun of Halloween.

Presented by Active Imagination Theatre on our Unscrewed Theater stage, children of all ages will be invited up on stage to participate in stories created to inspire imagination and story-telling skills. Come in costume and be part of the fun!

Win prizes for the best costume!