Unscrewed Family Hour


Doors open: 5:30 pm

Multiple ticketed shows tonight! Grab one of our Two Show Discounts!

You can now watch our show two ways!  Live & in person from your seat in our theater, or from the comfort on your own home. Your choice! Either ticket is available below. Enjoy the show!

Unscrewed Family Hour

Improvised family-friendly adventures every month with Comic Chaos! Cheer the superhero! Boo the supervillain!

Every show is different because the suggestions come from you, our amazing audience!

Two Shows. Same Night. One Price.

Join us at the theater with our in-person Laughing Pass, or join us online with our Live Streaming BOGO!

Unscrewed Family Hour (Family-Friendly) at 6:00.

Into the Unscrewed-iverse (Family-Friendly) at 7:30.

Laughing Pass

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(Price applied at checkout)

Photo by Jon Scanlon